24 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire Your Creativity

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I LOVE Instagram. It's one of my favorite ways to spend time online, browsing through one photo after another. Sometimes it's not just the photos, but the captions written are so meaningful. The images and the messages can be so encouraging and fuel my own creativity and I'm always so grateful they share these small peeks into their life and thoughts with the rest of us.

Instagram has become an incredible tool for marketing and business. Which is great! But sometimes a little play, daydreaming, creativity and fun is just as important as learning a new business tip. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite accounts that encourage me, make me feel inspired to be creative or dream, or just connects me with other people living completely different, beautiful lives because maybe you need some refreshing encouragement for your creativity too! 


Farming (and gardening) has always been one of those things that looked incredibly ideal as far as life goals goes. I'm pretty sure I'm fairly planted as a city girl, but these accounts always have me dreaming of farm life and maybe I should go start a little garden on my city apartment patio. 

terricajoy  / katgoldin / hand_to_ground_emily


I used to think creativity was for other people. As a Type A personality, one more comfortable with spreadsheets than paintbrushes, I didn't think art was for me. I don't know when that idea snuck in and corrupted my creative soul but artists like these sharing their work and their encouragement for us to do the same changed me completely in the past few years.

 ckelso / paperedthoughts / sticksandink


For someone who wears an "unhealthy" amount of black and white (or so said my therapist a few years ago), I LOVE this big colorful world. There's an ice cream shop in Scottsdale that's all pink inside and it makes me so happy. Instagram is filled with accounts posting color all day, every day and these are some of my favorites.

 thesaltycanary / cakeandconfetti / kailochic


These accounts make my inner homebody fight with my inner wanderlust spirit and my wanderlust often wins my daydreams as I live vicariously through these adventurers. (Side note: Jedidiah's captions are life changing and Andrew's fun and gorgeous photos will make you want to take pictures of your dog all day long. You've been warned.)

jedidiahjenkins / andrewknapp / wallyfound


Sometimes it's easy to forget what we're for. We're busy protecting what we're for every day, in small and big ways, but sometimes, especially lately, especially for me, it can get framed in a way that sees everything as what we're against. The world can be cruel and devastating and with social media, it can connect us instantly with tragedy that happens all over the place, all the time. Knowing every detail of every terrible thing can be really hard on our hearts to take in so often. To protect my heart from apathy or compassion-fatigue and not turn away from it all completely, I recharge my joy with these hearts. They make me smile and give me hope that we can all play a bigger part in making things better for so many others.

bradmontague / brandenharvey / ruthielindsey


I'm mesmerized by the work of photography. I don't always grasp the idea of telling a story through photography until I see work from artists like I've linked below. I especially love unexpected angles and the very simple, every day kind of shots that show small things that can go by unnoticed if we're not careful. These talented artists are my absolute favorites.

leantimms / olaiyaland / laurenkeim


I'm not a shoe girl, I don't like glitter (gasp!) and diamonds aren't terribly distracting as shiny things. But if I'm girly in any way, it's with flowers. Every movie where someone fills someone else's office or home or whatever with flowers, I'm swooning. Which is hilarious because if my husband reads this, he'll be terribly confused. Years ago, back when we were dating I told him I didn't like flowers. I'm pretty sure the context was "flowers aren't my favorite kind of apology because it's so cliche" as some sort of young and unprompted rant (because it wasn't even about him), but he took it to heart because he's convinced I'm not big on flowers and here I am professing my love of them. He brings me plenty of cherry coke on his way home from work though, so he still gets all of the brownie points.

farmgirlflowers / floretflower / field0froses

RX: Laugh

I'm pretty sure everyone follows one of these accounts but I'm putting it in here anyway just in case you haven't been introduced to it yet. The Popcast with Knox and Jamie is my favorite pop culture podcast and it's hilarious, irrevreant and NSFJM (not safe for Jamie's mom). Following Jamie's IG stories on her personal account is also one of my favorite things on Instagram right now. Laughter is such a big part of self compassion and whatever it is that makes you laugh, you should be indulging in liberally!

the popcast / jamie golden / weratedogs

What are your favorite IG accounts that remind you of beauty or hope or to laugh for a few minutes? Which ones inspire the creativity to come pouring out of you? I'd love to hear in the comments more good ones to discover!